Lemon Oil

Yes, I’m addicted to lemon. If you want to follow your account, you have come across lemons in the previous recipes… Clear Lemon Meringue Pie, Key Lime Matcha Ice Cream, Lemon Bar, Vodka Lemonade

All you need is (of course) lemon peels, a big clean bottle, pure olive oil and some patience! I’m sure you don’t like throwing peels of lemons where you’re going to use the pasta. This recipe is a great way to evaluate shells. You will want to understand the difference of the flavor that you may want in Lemon Oil for your meals such as fish or salad, cookies or cakes that you make! Do you enjoy this special taste? So pick up the lemons on your counter right now and get to work.


600 ml virgin oil
Lemon peels of 2-3 organic lemons
2 glass bottles (sterilized)


  • Thoroughly wash the lemons, rub them dry and peel them thinly with a vegetable peeler. Make sure that you only peel off the yellow peel and do not touch any of the albedo - the white inner shell, as otherwise your oil could get a bitter taste!
  • Put the bowls in a sealable jar, top up with rape seed oil and leave to soak in a dark place for 3-4 weeks.
  • After a while, sift the lemon oil into another glass jar and continue flavoring with fresh lemon peel.
  • TIP: The lemon oil is particularly aromatic when you chop the sieved lemon peel very small, a few days back into the bottle and again sifted through.