Home Made Vanilla Extract

You know the smell of a good vanilla extract when you open and breathe the bottle cap. Low-quality extracts lack this intensity and depth in their aromas. Nothing can be like high quality vanilla. However, high quality vanilla extracts are expensive.

The simple vanilla extract is a commercial grade extract. 100 g of stick vanilla is used in 3.7 kg alcohol of commercial grade simple extract.

However, many professional pastry makers like to use “double deck” vanilla extract. Because with the same amount of vanilla extract, it provides a much stronger vanilla flavor. Double-deck vanilla extract uses 690 g of rod vanilla per 3.7 kg. These extracts are quite expensive.

How to make home made vanilla extract ?

However, the good news is that you can make your own double-decker vanilla extract at the same price as the high-quality single-deck vanilla extract you get from the store.

Vanilla extract is delicious as you age. You can produce larger quantities to allow them to age for at least a year before use. We also recommend dark glass jars to preserve the taste. But you can also use clean light jars if you wish, but if you are going to use light jars, we recommend storing them in a dark environment.

You can use the vanilla extract 6 weeks after making it, but the vanilla essence gets better with age and you should wait optimally for 6 months. You can make a lot of vanilla extract every year and use the previous year’s party every year. 12 months pure vanilla extract is the best! But it’s even better if you use the 24-months vanilla extract!

How to made vanilla sugar?

You made vanilla extract and now you take the sticks out of the bottle? Don’t throw them in the trash – use in making vanilla sugar!

Allow the vanilla sticks to dry out for a few days and then place them in a container or zipper bag. Tightly close the mouth and wait a few weeks, occasionally shaking. Throw vanilla sticks – vanilla sugar ready to use! You can use it for 1 year.


Single layer vanilla extract:
250 ml -1 cup of vodka
22 g vanilla sticks (about 3 pieces)

Double layer vanilla extract:
250 ml -1 cup of vodka
44 g vanilla sticks (about 6 pieces)

Vanilla Sugar:
3 vanilla sticks
1 kg of sugar
cinnamon stick if desired


For vanilla extract;

    • Cut the vanilla sticks longitudinally and scrape off the vanilla particles. Add the seeds and beans in a glass jar with the lid where you put vodka. Place the extract in a dark and cool place. Shake once in a while.
    • Extract can be used in as little as 6 weeks. For better results, use after 6 months and wait one year for best results.
    • When the extract is ready, remove the vanilla sticks from the inside and fill it into brown glass bottles with a funnel.
      Slice the vanilla sticks to fit the length of the jars and place approximately 2 in 60 ml glass bottles and 4 in 60 ml glass bottles. In this way, the extract will continue to "ripen" over time.

For Vanilla Sugar:

      • Leave the vanilla sticks out of the vanilla extract to dry out for a few days and then place them in a jar or zipper bag. Tightly close the mouth and wait a few weeks, shaking occasionally.
      • If you use new vanilla sticks, cut the vanilla sticks in half and mix the seeds with sugar. Gently rub with your hand. Then shake the mouth with the rods occasionally in a container with a lid. You can store your sugar for 1 year.

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