Lylac Syrup and Sugar Flavored With Lylac

The lilac season is very short … If you regret not being able to make use of the beauty of lylacs only during the season and hide its smell, please visit two recipes that “Lylac Syrup and Sugar Flavored With Lylac” . This year we have made “Lylac syrup and sugar flavored with lylac” to hide this wonderful scent and keep its aroma longer.

Without the use of preservatives, we begin by collecting fully blooming clusters in the early morning. They smell more in the morning than at any time of day. In order not to lose the aroma, you should not change the water to the flowers, you should remove all the green parts because they are bitter.

You can use “Sugar Flovered With Lylac ” in ordinary cakes and cookies. So suddenly they turn into desserts with very different tastes. If you are still throwing sugar in your tea, you can also enjoy the lilac aroma in your tea. I promise Lylac Syrup and Sugar Flavored With Lylac will be your best!

How to make sugar flavored with lylac?

The two ingredients you need are 5:4 sugar:lilac …

Pick the lilacs from their stems one by one. Just keep the flowers. Lay the sugar and flowers layered in a jar or other covered plate, shake from time to time or mix with a spoon and soak for 2-3 days. The sugar will become moist and sticky. Then pour the sugar on a plate or tray with the flowers and dry with occasional stirring (if the weather is rainy and high humidity, you can dry the sugar in the oven set to about 40 ° C.)

Then extract the lilacs from a large sieve or by hand.

Sugar flavored with lilac does not spoil, so you can store it for a long time. It can be agglomerated, so you must blend it again before use.

How to make Lylac Syrup?

Preparing a sherbet from lilac flowers is really simple and does not require time or special equipment. So you can easily make a big bottle. The syrup is delicious because it smells lilac and we are sure of its color, which will encourage you to ask for the second glass. It will be delicious with a slice of lemon cake next to it.


3 glasses of lilac lylac flowers (about 80 g)
3 glasses of water
3 cups of fine sugar
1/2 lemon


  • We do not wash the flowers! We peel off twigs, remove green parts, stalks, etc. (syrup can make them bitter).
  • We warm up the water and the sugar from time to time, stirring until the syrup starts to boil. Cut the lemon into slices. In a larger jar, place lilac flowers and slices of lemon, pour the hot syrup and put in a dark, cool place (it can be a fridge) for about 4 days, shake the jar every day. After this time, the syrup is strained and used up to date or pasteurized.
  • Store in a refrigerator (unpasteurized).